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Pregnant Pause

Andrew West

I can always tell when a TV character is pregnant. Usually they show her vomiting. Just some unexplained hurl into a trashcan, or maybe a hilarious little spit up on a stranger on the subway. This happens so often that it's ridiculous. Isn't TV supposed to be better these days? Aren't we supposed to avoid obvious tropes? If they don't show her throwing up though, they'll probably show her looking meaningfully into a mirror, standing at profile, rubbing her belly. And I'll say, "she's pregnant!" and always, always, even though it's so, so obvious, someone says to me, "nu-huh!"

One time I was watching 30 Rock with a girl and she said, "Oh, Tina Fey is pregnant in this episode."

I said, "What? Liz is pregnant?"

She said, "no, no, Tina Fey is pregnant. They're always showing her from the shoulders up, or behind a desk, or in a really baggy sweater."

I had never noticed that. Maybe if I saw her throw up?