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Reach out, touch skull

Andrew West

And other connective tissue

I was sick last week, so I spent all my time either sleeping or writhing in pain on the toilet. It was that kind of sick. Anyway during one of my sleeps I had a fever dream, and it goes something like this:

My dad has taken my two older brothers and I to the opening of a new library. At this event we're fortunate enough to get to meet the owner of the library, who just so happens to be an invisible talking animal (either a lion or a dog, I'm not 100% sure because he was invisible). The invisible lion/dog approaches my brothers and I (which somehow we notice) and says, "I've had my eyes on you. You, so far inside your own heads that if you reach out far enough you'll touch skull..." He continues monologuing, but it becomes unintelligible because I bury my face in some grass that's nearby and start punching the earth. I raise one arm and punch. I raise the other and fling it. I raise the first one again, I'm a child now. Grass clippings fly, mud is cold under my nails, my arms are weights and it's hard to breathe with my face in the grass. I wake up gasping with the words, "It is the actual effort that drives us," stuck in my head.