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Sunglasses, Proposals, and the Durango Songwriter's Expo

Andrew West

One thing I've seen a relatively larger amount of since I started selling shades is proposals. I saw one in the airport-- an Army man arrived back home, and immediately proposed to his girlfriend when he saw her. They did not buy any shades. And tonight, a young man proposed to his boyfriend in the food court of the Aurora mall, right between the Century Link Kiosk and the Dairy Queen. I didn't actually see it happen, but I heard the Dairy Queen girls yelling that it was the cutest thing they had ever seen, and, "say yes! Say yes!" Apparently he said yes, because they stood up and hugged and kissed and held hands. They did not buy sunglasses either. The airport Army man proposal made sense to me-- there's the terrible distance, and the gap is bridged, and you celebrate by deciding to get married. However, the food court proposal makes less sense to me. I just can't figure out what the significance of the space between the century link kiosk and the Dairy Queen could be. Can't figure out why you'd want there to be teenage girls who might potentially yell, "Say yes!" around. Can't decide why you wouldn't want to buy sunglasses afterwards. It seems arbitrary to me. Maybe they're all that way though, if you really think about it. At least the food court is less cliche. 

Anyway, Andrew and I have been doing a lot of recording, business card/website creating, and social media-ing, to get ready for the Durango songwriter's expo, which we'll be attending in Santa Barbara California a little over a week from now. Very excited to road trip out there with good friends and snappy dressers Andy Sydow, Reed Fuchs, and Bianca West. Similarly excited for the beautiful weather, musical stimulation, wonderful networking, and wine, that we'll partake in once we reach the expo. You should look forward to exciting status updates, pictures, and maybe even videos and recordings from the road, and even more thrilling gigs once we return home. Be sure to follow us on twitter @dearmecomma, and like us on facebook at, to get the latest even faster.