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Help Dear Me, Make a music video!!

Andrew West

Dear meople (me+people=meople. No?),

We are going to be making a music video for our song, "Name On a Page," and you are invited to be a part of the video! Here is a quick rundown of how you can be involved: 

Look for things around you that have your name on them. For starters, this could be anything, old awards from things you used to be really good at, that credit card bill lying on your floor, that paper you wrote in first grade about how you wanted to be an astronaut, that letter from your ex, that newspaper you used to edit in high-school, that doctors prescription, that rejection/acceptance letter from a magazine, college, whatever! Think about how these things, how your name on these pages (get it!?) may or may not define you! Is there something that you want to get away from? Is there a category that you're dying to destroy! Are you sick of being defined by your Bachelor of Arts in English?!? (I know I am!), Great! Because what we're going to do, with your permission and support, is destroy things with our names on them!

Because we are all more than a name on a page, the video will end with a large bonfire/group destroying stuff session/concert/food and drink provided on October 26th (mark your calendar!) at a location TBD. You are invited to bring your names on pages to this bonfire event, and celebrate being a person! Should the document/thing have any sensitive information on it that you don't want shown to the world, please black out the sensitive info, and only bring things that you are okay destroying! For example, I could bring my student loan statement with all the numbers blacked out, but the grand total of 800 billion dollars due on it showing, to say that I am more than my debt. Or, I am more than my education, but I don't want to destroy my diploma! So, instead, I just bring papers that I wrote in college and destroy those documents, to symbolize what I'm trying to symbolize. 

We're very excited to bring this whole thing to life, and we'd love for you to share this event with anyone you think might be interested! You can listen to a rough draft of the song on our website,, or our facebok,, and we look forward to sharing this awesomeness with you!


Dear Me,