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Sam does 24 hr (ish) album (ish) project

Andrew West

24 hr album on Soundcloud


The goal of the 24 hour album project is to write and record an album in 24 hours. Some people like Esperanza Spalding and Danielle Ate the Sandwich have done this thing. I have a doctor's appointment at 11 tomorrow so I am giving myself between now (1:04 PM) and 10 AM tomorrow to write and record an album (ish, thing). 

I've decided to make my goal 7 songs, even though 7 songs isn't technically an album. Why 7? Because 10 was a scary number, and John Elway. 

The goal isn't to write an Abbey Road in 21 ish hours. The goal is just to force yourself to say yes to all of your ideas, and to create lots of content, without getting too caught in your head about it. 

I'm streaming at least some of this on facebook live because

1) I think it will good for me to get used to being on facebook live and

2) it will hopefully give me a sense of being accountable to someone besides just myself.

Obviously, this is a very unorganized, spur of the moment kind of a thing. But I have been wanting to do this for awhile, and even though this probably isn't the perfect time to do this, there is never a perfect time to do anything.

ALSO I need to write a listicle with the title - 5 reasons you aren't getting tinder matches- so if you have any feedback about that please let me know.

Pregnant Pause

Andrew West

I can always tell when a TV character is pregnant. Usually they show her vomiting. Just some unexplained hurl into a trashcan, or maybe a hilarious little spit up on a stranger on the subway. This happens so often that it's ridiculous. Isn't TV supposed to be better these days? Aren't we supposed to avoid obvious tropes? If they don't show her throwing up though, they'll probably show her looking meaningfully into a mirror, standing at profile, rubbing her belly. And I'll say, "she's pregnant!" and always, always, even though it's so, so obvious, someone says to me, "nu-huh!"

One time I was watching 30 Rock with a girl and she said, "Oh, Tina Fey is pregnant in this episode."

I said, "What? Liz is pregnant?"

She said, "no, no, Tina Fey is pregnant. They're always showing her from the shoulders up, or behind a desk, or in a really baggy sweater."

I had never noticed that. Maybe if I saw her throw up?